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Approached to lease your land for a mobile site or mobile phone tower?


Many people who are contacted by a wireless carrier or a mobile tower company do not know how to evaluate what the fair market value should be for a mobile tower on their property. That is because there is no standard answer and there is a large discrepancy between what mobile tower leases command in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Furthermore, even two mobile tower leases 1 kilometre apart can have distinctly separate fair market values.

There are a number of considerations when performing a commercial analyses on rental income. Some locations can command significantly more. The problem has been that there is little independent and broad third party reliable source for this information. If you have found this website, chances are you have already confirmed this in your research. Fortunately, at SiteXcell, we maintain our own mobile site lease rate database.

Many landowners assume that because their neighbour, friend or cousin got $xxx. a year for their mobile tower that they should receive that amount too. But your properties may not be a the same. They are invariably different sizes, have different zoning classifications, and have different proximities to cities and roadways. Every property is unique, and every location has a unique fair market value.

In our commercial analyses of fair market value, we don't simply look at the comparable lease data from our clients and inquiries in the area to determine what the average is. Instead, we reverse engineer the process by which the mobile company came to find your site. We can do this because we used to be the managing director in a wireless site acquisition firm. We examine what the wireless carrier's coverage objective is for the site. We then evaluate what other sites in the vicinity will meet those objectives.

We assess whether your property fits in one of three situations:

  1. Your property is unique and the carrier appears to have no other option. In this case, we look to determine how much the carrier will pay before they choose not to build the site. This is where SiteXcell really provides value.
  2. Your property is preferred but there are other options. In these situations, we attempt to determine using our comparable lease data how hard you can push before the carrier moves to another property.
  3. Your property is one of many properties in the area. Unfortunately, in these situations, we can't be of much assistance. The fair market value of your property is what your neighbour will accept to have the site or tower on their property.

Contact us for an analyses of your property. We can provide consultation on what bonus payments or services you can ask for that most companies will give freely. We can help you decipher the technical language of the mobile tower lease and how it applies to you. This is not a legal review and should never take the place of having the proposed lease reviewed by an solicitor. Most importantly, we can help advise you on how hard to negotiate the commercial terms of your mobile tower lease and when to back down so that you still get the mobile tower on your property and not your neighbours' property.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge necessary so that you can negotiate your mobile tower lease on even footing and are secure in knowing what to ask for. We can help you make the lease agreement less one-sided than what is typically presented.

We recognize that you may be hesitant to pay to find out whether your site has additional value. Many potential clients ask us to justify the cost of our analyses. Consider the cost of your being wrong in negotiating your lease. If you leave a mere $1200 per annum on the table during negotiations, over 20 years, you will have passed up $48,000. See our Mobile Tower Lease Rate chart that shows what you pass up over the course of a lease if you fail to negotiate properly. Do you want to spend the next 20 years wondering whether you left money on the table in the negotiations?

Please Contact Us for a free quote. We will take a quick look at your situation and will not take on a consultation unless we think we can be of assistance.