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How to Build a Mobile Phone Tower

If you haven't read our page on Tower on your Property, please read it first. If you have, and you still think you would like to build a mobile phone tower- here are the bare minimum requirements you must have to do so:

  1. $150,000. That is the average cost of a mobile tower. Some will go for less, some will go for more, but you will need at least that much to complete the project. Alternatively, you will need to find a bank loan that you personally guarantee with other collateral. Do not expect to have the bank finance a tower construction project like they would finance a commercial building.
  2. A Unique Piece of Property - If one of your neighbours has a piece of property that is similar to yours in size and zoning classification, you are wasting your time. Check with your local council town planner and ask for a copy of their telecommunications mobile phone tower regulations or approach. If you don't have the only parcel within 1 km or so that is suitable for a tower, the wireless carrier may simply lease space from your neighbour or negotiate a cheap lease with you.
  3. Knowledge of where the wireless carriers need a mobile phone tower. Many landowners erroneously think that they have the perfect piece of property for a mobile phone tower. To be blunt - the chances are less than 5% that you actually do. Trying to develop a mobile phone tower on a specific piece of property without knowing where the wireless carriers need to be is foolhardy. There is not one tower company that I am aware of that finds the property first and then tries to determine where the wireless carriers need a mobile phone tower. Unfortunately, the only people who know where the wireless carriers need a tower are the people that work for that wireless carrier. Don't assume that just because coverage is poor that a mobile phone tower is needed at that location. You could easily be off by kilometres from where the tower is needed. Please don't contact us to ask us where towers are needed- if we knew we would build them ourselves. If you have been approached by a wireless carrier to lease your land- that certainly shows that there is a need.

If you meet all these criteria- the rest is easy. There are tower construction companies who can walk you through the development process. We would be happy to point you in the right direction. We have assisted landowners who needed guidance on the construction or development of a mobile phone tower. We can also review the financial viability of the project as well as estimate future lease-up potential for the mobile phone tower.

Please do not contact us if you need help finding an interested wireless carrier. We don't market sites for landowners as we believe it could become a conflict of interest. Therefore, please do not contact us to tell us you have a great piece of property- we won't answer your email because its not something we can assist you with.