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The differences Between Tower and
Rooftop Mobile Site Leases

Some industry experts suggest that we have only a portion of the total number of mobile sites or mobile phone towers that will be necessary to provide coverage over just those areas where the demographics support coverage. Many council and government entities planners erroneously assume that the "wave" of mobile site applications is over.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The wireless carriers are building mobile sites and new mobile towers in areas where they never needed to before. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. New 3rd Generation Wireless services require mobile sites and towers that are closer together to provide continuous service.
  2. As the number of minutes the average consumer uses grows and the number of users continues to grow, more mobile sites are needed to handle the capacity.
  3. One of the primary reasons why mobile phone users switch service (or churn to another carrier) is due to coverage or capacity issues. The carriers are constantly attempting to improve coverage or capacity in areas where they notice churn.

The net result is that many urban areas are seeing a resurgence of mobile site and mobile tower development. And unlike previous mobile site development cycles, councils and landowners have become smarter and regulations are much tougher. This forces the industry to consider more innovative (and invisible) ways of meeting local regulations for mobile site placement. This means that they are locating mobile sites and mobile antennas in existing structures such as church steeples.

Due to their low impact on neighbourhoods, churches can often be found in residential neighbourhoods where tower regulations make it all but impossible for new towers to be built. The end result is that an increasing number of churches are being approached to place towers on their property or install antennas and a mobile site inside the steeples.

Church steeple mobile site or mobile tower installations are definitely more costly than other mobile phone towers. Wireless carriers will not normally approach a church for a mobile site location until they have few or no other options (which makes it imperative that the church understands its negotiating position properly).

We have assisted many churches with mobile site lease or mobile phone tower issues. We are familiar with the decision making processes that many churches have to go through internally to make these types of decisions. We can help guide your church decision making board and the church body through the difficult and often confusing maze of leasing space in the steeple for mobile site antennas. We can provide fair market value from other churches that have leased space in their steeples or on their property for a mobile site or mobile tower.

We can assist you with evaluating the offer from the wireless carrier and make sure you are receiving the best lease rate you can. Furthermore, we can work with your legal advisors to craft a less one-sided lease that protects the church's interest.

What we can't do is help you find someone that will be interested in your property. If you haven't been contacted by a carrier, there is not much we can do. Please see our Tower on your Property web page for more details.

If you have been contacted or already have a mobile site on your church property or in the steeple, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.