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Many councils and government entities (forests, parks, water, gas, electricity airports) currently maintaining numerous mobile phone tower leases or water tower mobile site leases have been approached by different companies including Crown Castle to sell. For some councils, these offers represent an opportunity to get a quick and potentially sizeable infusion of cash without having to borrow funds or increase the tax rate. Some council or government entities have sold the rights to the lease income without a full understanding of what they are actually selling.

While SiteXcell understands that the capitalisation of the mobile phone tower or water tower mobile site leases can be attractive to councils who are looking to improve their budgets, we can't recommend that councils sell these leases blindly. Nor can we recommend that a council consider the sale of their wireless assets without considering ALL of the options.

SiteXcell provides specific consulting services to councils who are considering selling their wireless assets. These services include:

  • Evaluation of the mobile site lease purchase offer(s) and a comparison to what other private and public landowners have received in the past from companies.
  • Discussion of arrangements for the purchase of actual mobile phone tower lease or water tower mobile site leases and analysis of what the council is actually giving up.
  • Review of the expected longevity of the mobile phone tower leases or mobile site leases including specific assessment of the threat of termination of various wireless mobile site leases due to merger consolidation and network duplication.
  • Evaluation of Future Income Potential that the council might be giving up by selling its mobile site leases.
  • Discussion of other options which might be available to the council that could yield 25% -50% or more than what these companies typically offer.
  • Counsel and confirmation from an expert on these types of deals so that the decision makers for the council or government entity can be assured that they have represented their constituents to the best of their ability.
  • Solicitation of other offers from other vendors and sources if appropriate.

We are familiar with the various requirements that government entities may have regarding public bidding and provide completely confidential consulting services within the confines of your situation. Our consultations are typically offered on an hourly consulting basis with Not to Exceed pricing. The scope is tailored to the number of leases the council is considering selling. We normally do not have to visit the subject area to ascertain value of the mobile site leases.

More importantly, we have references from past public entity clients we are happy to share with you at your request.

Please contact us for a free estimate of what a review will cost.

SiteXcell is not affiliated with Crown Castle or other lease purchase companies. Crown Castle is a registered trademark of Crown Castle International. We simply offer consulting services regarding their mobile site lease purchase offers and mobile site leases.