Mobile Towers- Get A Mobile Tower on Your Property / HOME


We get contacted on a regular basis from individuals like yourself who have heard from their neighbour, friend, or associate that they are getting $12,000 a year to lease their land to a wireless company or a tower company. Their immediate question is "How can I lease my property and receive "grocery" money each year?"

Our unpopular, but accurate response is that the average landowner HAS LESS THAN A 5% CHANCE OF BEING SUCCESSFUL. Wireless carriers spend significant money and resources designing their systems around very specific radio frequency engineering standards and often target specific geographic locations. That being said, there are certain factors that may make your land more likely to be leased.

  1. Distance to Adjacent Towers. If there is an existing mobile tower within one-two kilometres of your location, chances are not good that another will be built. The local council and town planning regulations will require use of existing towers first. If there are no towers nearby, then your property is more desirable if:
  2. Dense Population or High Traffic Counts. The location is surrounded by either an urban or suburban population or alternatively, nearby highways that have high traffic counts. If you are in a rural area and are not within one kilometre of a major highway or a town of 2,000 or more, chances are very slim that a tower will be located on your property.
  3. Zoning/Town Planning. This is where zoning or land use comes in. Many jurisdictions (councils, shires) have regulations that allow communication towers in designated areas and within certain conditions. If you have an industrial plot surrounded by residential property, the likelihood that a wireless carrier could use your property increases. Likewise, if you have a residentially zoned property surrounded by industrial property, the likelihood decreases. Contact your local council's planning or development office to find out what the requirements are for towers and if one can even be placed on your property.

Here are some scenarios that people send us often that are not likely to result in a tower:

  • Rural land surrounded by other similar land unless you are within .5 km of a 4 lane highway.
  • A rooftop that is not at least 10 metres taller than any building in a 1-3 km radius.
  • Residentially zoned.
  • Not Highest Ground Elevation in a radius of 3-5 kms.
  • An area that does not have any mobile phone coverage (The carriers choose not to cover areas that don't meet certain business criteria).

We can not evaluate your property for you. We provided a property analysis service previously, however people ignored the information above and then were disappointed when the analysis came back negative. So we have terminated that service.

We don't market your property to carriers. So please don't ask, and don't send us an email telling us why your think your property is different. If you haven't been contacted by a carrier, then we can't help.

We can not provide carrier phone numbers or names of individuals to contact. For that you are on your own.

What do we suggest? Either contact the carriers directly (which may be impossible to do) or simply wait. Place a sign on your property saying you have property for lease for a mobile tower - AND THEN BE PATIENT. Don't sign up for "property listing services" and don't entertain site management services. You are probably wasting your money. None of them have the marketing staff necessary to be in every local market or to make personal contact with each carrier or representative's team. Without the personalised approach, they are less effective at marketing your location than you are.