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Mobile Tower Links

Enclosed are some links to websites that we have found helpful.

  • Whirlpool Broadband News This site is not about appliances, it is actually a very interesting and comprehensive site about many topics relating to technology. It is a community-run site focusing on broadband Internet access, industry news, provider plan comparisons, knowledge base and discussion forums on a broad range of issues regarding telecommunications.
  • Teleresources Is an Australian research and consulting firm working in the mobile industry. They produce a weekly newsletter called "This Week in Mobile", is a fast and easy way for executives and engineers to find the latest news about mobile and wireless technologies in the Australian and New Zealand markets. The newsletter is published daily on their web site and dispatched by email to registered readers as a free service.
  • Hear us Now A website from Consumer Reports (USA) that discusses important issues that the Consumer's Union believes are crucial to consumer access to telecommunications.
  • Contains a simple but comprehensive and well illustrated article on how cell/mobile towers (and cell/mobile phones) work. Describes the various technologies.
  • Cell Tower Blog - Cell tower information and ideas from an industry guru.
  • Cell Tower Info An informational website created by Steel in the Air that deals in more detail with cell tower issues and concepts.
  • Strategic Planning by Leadership Simplified. Leadership Simplified takes business leaders through a strategic planning process, delivers an implementable action plan, and follows up to ensure successful outcomes.