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Mobile Tower Lease Rates - Comparable Data

One of the things that we believe sets our efforts apart from the competition is the quality of the data that we have available to us. In 2005, we started collecting datasets of tower locations across Australia. Our data is composed of many details about each location, not just mobile tower lease rates, which allows us to provide the highest quality analysis to our clients. Over the last five years, this database has grown to encompass over 6500 mobile tower and mobile site locations.

This database includes the following information to the extent known:

  1. Mobile Tower Location
  2. Mobile Tower Type
  3. Height of Tower
  4. Latitude and Longitude of Tower
  5. ACMA Number (if registered)
  6. Carriers on the Tower (if known)
  7. Owner of the Tower (if known)
  8. Ground Lease Rate
  9. Collocation Lease Rates

Over time, as we have assisted hundreds of corporate, government and private clients, we have also incorporated their data into our database. These clients have shared individual mobile tower lease rates and comparable data, which spans Australia. We are regularly provided with mobile tower lease rate data and collocation rate data for these towers as part of our projects. This gets included in the database. We have actively kept logs of every online newspaper article that mentions mobile tower lease rates. As a result, there are very few areas of the country where we don't have good data on mobile tower lease rates. And when people submit inquiries to our website, we track that data as well. (Please note that we treat our potential and existing client's confidentiality seriously and do not sell or distribute this data. We do share lease rates but never with any local or specific information. For instance, we may suggest to our client that we are aware of an Optus lease that pays $25,000 in western Sydney but we don't give an address or share the clients name or specific location).

To assist us in helping our clients, we developed a custom mapping application that allows us to see our tower data on high resolution aerial photography along with terrain. This enables us to determine what other towers or mobile sites are in the area of the subject site and whether there is potential for consolidation. We have also incorporated our mobile tower lease rates into Google Earth so that we can see lease rates of the closest mobile towers near your site. When people ask us how we can review their site in Perth when we are in Sydney, we answer that we make it our business to know how to quickly find necessary information, and we have spent a significant amount of time and expense in building the information database.