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Mobile Site and Tower Expert

SiteXcell provides mobile tower expert assistance. We have assisted numerous clients with valuation services.

We have expertise in development of mobile towers and in due diligence services for tower development. We have provided expertise and service to wireless carriers, a site acquisition firm and a tower company prior to forming SiteXcell.

We are regularly retained as a mobile tower expert to evaluate and reconcile income streams from mobile site leases or rooftop mobile site leases, or to perform market analyses for the telco use of a facility or tower.

SiteXcell maintains multiple databases of mobile site locations. Some of this data is available from other sources (ACMA data), and some has been collected by us and includes data that is not likely to be found elsewhere. We also have in-house Geographic Information Systems abilities.

We have been recognised by our clients and the industry as a mobile tower expert and have written articles on telecommunications leasing as well as provided consulting services to valuers and the Property Council of Australia.

We have been retained by investment banks to provide strategic commercial analyses services for both potential unbuilt mobile tower sites and mobile tower acquisitions. We have also conducted workshops on telco leasing strategies for various owner and/or lessor related companies.

If you are in need of assistance, please contact us via our mobile tower expert inquiry page.