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Mobile Tower Leasing: Why Marketing Doesn't Work As you Think It Would

One of the more common questions that we get from people is whether SiteXcell can help market to wireless carriers for a mobile tower on their property or a mobile site on their rooftop. If you don't already have a wireless carrier leasing space for a tower or on your rooftop - please start with our How To Get a Tower on Your Property page. We typically can't help you find tenants on your vacant property and we don't approach carriers with such requests - no matter how good you think it is. If you have a tower on your property or mobile sites on your rooftop, please keep reading.

To start with, there are some fundamental presumptions that a landowner who has a tower or rooftop with carriers should know about mobile tower leasing. First and foremost is that if one carrier found you, other carriers are more likely to find you as well. Whether they can see the tower, note the carrier registration in the ACMA database, or they can see the mobile antennas on your rooftop, the site acquisition agents will know that you have already negotiated a lease once. They assume that you are familiar with mobile tower leasing and are willing to lease in the future. Secondly, if you have a tower or a mobile antenna array on your rooftop, the current ACIF code is favourable for additional carriers to install on your site when they deal with the councils. The ACIF code requires that carriers do all they can to co-site facilities where their radio frequency plans allow.

So if you contact us and ask us whether we would market your property for a commission or for a percentage of the rent, we would say no. The honest answer is that if we wanted to we could sign up many new clients a year and sit and wait until another carrier came to lease those towers or rooftops. We would then take a portion of the rent for doing nothing more than putting your name on our site list and sending it out a few times a year to the carriers. But we don't operate that way and we don't offer those services except in very rare cases where we believe that the property is unique and that we can actually help. The other thing we believe is that by offering deals/sites to carriers we may be perceived as having a conflict of interest, as we only represent owners. Mobile tower and rooftop leasing is a complicated business and the only way to be effective at it is if the mobile site leasing company has numerous sites under representation and a national presence. We haven't seen that happen in Australia to date.

If you have received a solicitation from a third party company who suggests that they will market your property or that they have someone ready to lease your tower, the most likely answer is that they are simply interested in a Lease Buyout. The solicitation is just a way for them to get you to respond to them. If you don't own the tower, they can't market the tower anyway- only the tower owner can do so. And in some cases, only the tower owner will profit if additional carriers use the site. If they are a site acquisition firm for the carriers - the letter will say specifically who they have ready to lease your property or rooftop.

Our recommendation to you is to sit tight. In mobile tower leasing, patience is a virtue. No amount of marketing will get a carrier to use a property that doesn't fit their design criteria. And since their design criteria is proprietary, you will never be able to find out if your site meets their needs. So rather than committing to give up a percentage of your future revenue, just wait. Then if you need help negotiating a new lease or determining its value, see our page on Negotiating a Mobile Tower Lease and we can help you with your mobile tower leasing issues from that point.

If you have a tower that you own (not just lease land to the owner), please contact us as we might be able to help with mobile tower leasing. If your interest is in marketing your tower for sale- we also offer mobile tower commercial analyses where we can help to sell your tower at an optimal price.