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Mobile Tower and Site Location Data

In order to serve its clients well, SiteXcell maintains a comprehensive mobile tower and site location database. We have compiled this database over 5 years from numerous publicly available databases including the ACMA data and from some privately available mobile site location databases.

To be candid, some of this data could be assembled by almost anyone with GIS expertise assuming they knew where to find the data. The key here is knowing what sources of data are important and how to pare down the information included in many databases to that which is usable.

What a prospective purchaser or user needs to be aware of is that the data may include potential mobile site locations like sites that are not currently used by mobile providers or towers that have no tenants. SiteXcell spends a significant amount of time analyzing and sorting through its data to remove all rooftop sites, billboard sites, water tower sites, etc unless they are known to be actually in use by a mobile provider.

Our mobile tower location data is exactly that - the locations of mobile towers and sites in Australia. Our clients want to know what is going on in the industry relating to leasing rates. They like the reliability of our mobile tower location data. We don't promise that all mobile towers will be listed in our data- but we use our best efforts to make sure that locations that are not actual in-use mobile sites are not included in the data. That way, the client does not receive a report containing a 2 story bank building with a registration but no equipment on it.

One thing that we can't provide is carrier specific mobile site location IDs. We have received inquiries from prospective clients who want to offer a location based service using mobile site IDs to determine the location of the user. The mobile carriers maintain this data and it is not publicly available. Unfortunately, if you are looking for mobile site ID data- we cannot provide it.

Our data for your site includes the following fields to the extent such data was available in the original data set:

  1. Wireless operators' names
  2. Latitude and Longitude
  3. Site Address
  4. ACMA ID Number
  5. Date Equipment was registered
  6. Type and numbers of registered equipment
  7. Ground Elevation
  8. Tower Type

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