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Do you have multiple leases on your rooftop and wonder whether the existing tenants are complying with their leases? Are you concerned whether they have added more equipment or modified the site in a way that should have resulted in an increase in lease rate? When a mobile site lessee of yours has asked to make modifications, do you find that you can't understand what they are proposing to do?

Unfortunately, some of the major carriers (not all) have chosen to push the envelope of what they are allowed or supposed to install on your roof. Most building owners are ill prepared to review what the wireless company has installed on the rooftop or in the basement. And most have very little understanding of if or why they should be receiving additional income. We are often amazed at how little knowledge our clients have about what is occurring on their own property.

The answer is fairly simple - have an experienced firm review your rooftop and compare what the carriers have installed versus what they are allowed to install in their lease documents and construction drawings. SiteXcell has assisted numerous clients with rooftop mobile site lease audits where we carefully document and photograph the current installations on your rooftop and then analyse the lease documentation to determine whether the carriers are in compliance with their lease agreements.

Furthermore, we can audit the mobile site leases to confirm that you are receiving everything that you should be. While it is very rare that we find that the carriers or tower companies are intentionally trying to underpay a landlord, we have found mistakes. Candidly, some of these mistakes work for the landlord but some decrease the rent amount that the landowner should be receiving. SiteXcell can assist you with determining whether you are receiving what you should.

In the past, we have found tenants that are underpaying on their rent. We have found tenants that have allowed a third party to share their lease area without compensation to the landowner. We have found carriers who have installed additional antennas beyond what is allowed in the lease. And in other cases, we have found that the carriers are doing exactly what they should be. But without the rooftop mobile site audit, most landowners simply don't know.

Another benefit of our audits is that we check to see if the applicable Australian Standards have been complied with including signage, proper antenna placement, labeling and required documentation from the carriers so that you can properly manage your property.

Depending upon the particulars of your location and rooftop, we can be retained to complete a rooftop analysis on a fixed fee basis with a risk free guarantee. If you are interested in a free quote for a rooftop mobile site lease audit, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss how we can help. If you are looking for information on negotiating new rooftop mobile site leases, please see our page on Rooftop Mobile Site Negotiations.