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About Dennis Doty of SiteXcell

Sitexcell is a Total Site Solutions Pty Ltd company, founded by Dennis Doty in 2005. We believed that after 13 years in senior management positions in Australian telecommunications companies, we could provide value to customers in this niche area of the industry which had been overlooked. Since that time we have helped many land owners including large property trusts, investment banks, international property management companies and individuals with telco property transactions.

An engineer by training, Dennis Doty founded Total Site Solutions Pty Ltd after having worked in the tower and telco industry for over twenty years. Initially working with large property organisations in an effort to compile a portfolio of available sites to market to the wireless carriers, Dennis was soon approached by the owners to represent them in their dealings with carriers, due to the technical, regulatory and commercial issues that were being presented in these often challenging transactions. We then determined that our experience in commercial deals of all sizes was best utilised working exclusively with property owners, and have done so ever since.

Dennis' education includes a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Pennsylvania State University, and has achieved commercial real estate and valuation certificates. He has managed departments at Optus and Optus Vision as well as Crown Castle Australia and was the managing director of Evernet Pty Ltd, a site acquisition company responsible for the leasing of over 1000 mobile sites. He was also lead the tower transfer at Crown Castle with the purchase of 1400 towers and the subletting of thousands of tenancy on those towers.

Dennis has written articles for various industry magazines and has assisted the Property Council of Australia in the latest project regarding the G571 Telco Building Access Operations & Installation guide document. Dennis has also conducted strategic workshops both domestically and internationally as well as presented at conferences in Australia.