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APWIP Lease Buyouts: How to Evaluate Offers

If you have found this page in error while searching for AP Wireless Infrastructure Partners, please visit apwireless.com.au siteXcell® is not affiliated with APWIP.

siteXcell is a consulting firm that assists landowners and building owners who have mobile tower or rooftop leases that are evaluating offers from APWIP to determine whether it is advisable for them to sell their lease(s).

In considering whether to sell to APWIP, you should consider the following:

  1. What is the risk that my mobile tower or rooftop lease could be terminated over time?
  2. If I sell my leases, what would I be giving up in the long term?
  3. Do I have to sell my leases AND give up the rights to future revenue from other wireless or mobile companies?
  4. Can APWIP (or any lease buyout firm) effectively add wireless tenants to my rooftop/mobile tower?
  5. Are there better offers available?

We can help you answer these questions and more by reviewing your specific leases and analysing your situation. We'll evaluate the risk of your lease(s) being terminated due to consolidation or mergers. In addition, we can ascertain how your sites are positioned within the carrier's network and review your building (or tower) to determine how likely it is that future wireless users would come to you anyway.

Furthermore, we can likely determine what maximum APWIP is most likely willing to pay (subject to our existing confidentiality agreements) and compare that amount to what other lease buyout firms would offer. It's important to recognise that lease buyout companies are not all the same: While they pitch their offers in similar ways, the deals are not the same. There are numerous aspects of a lease buyout deal that should be considered that are equally as important as price.

If you have been contacted by AP Wireless Infrastructure Partners about buying your lease agreement(s), please contact us to discuss your situation. The initial consultation is free. At that time, we will be happy to indicate whether we think we can help improve the offer.

Call 1300 748 395 (1300 SITEXL) or complete our contact form. All inquiries are treated as confidential and there is no obligation.