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Serving Private and Public Clients

The following is a brief list of examples where we have assisted our clients over the years.

Major International Airport - SiteXcell assisted the airport in reviewing a mobile tower site lease and completed a fair market value assessment. We established comparable data and found that the airport was undercharging by a significant amount. SiteXcell also reviewed the subject lease agreement and recommended improvements in the language (with their solicitors' reviews) and in the exhibits.

Major Property Trust - SiteXcell reviewed a number of buildings in the portfolio which resulted in the discovery of several carrier installations that were not being invoiced or appeared to have no occupation arrangements with the owner. We followed up with the owner to assist them in their discussions with the carriers and ensure that all installations were properly documented as required.

Major University - Sitexcell provided financial and operational advice to assist in achieving market rental and addressed OH&S issues, including mitigation strategies for the protection of students, staff, visitors and contractors.

Property Owner - SiteXcell assisted a property owner that had a complex mobile tower situation on their land. The tower had a number of leased tenants but was nearing the expiry date of the leases. Due to development plans that the owner had, the owner wanted the tower company to remove or relocate the tower to another location on his property. SiteXcell reviewed the leases and provided strategies for the owner to complete a smooth and financially attractive alternative that met all his requirements, whilst still allowing the carriers to maintain a presence on his property.

Portfolio Owner - SiteXcell worked with a portfolio owner that had a large number of mobile towers and tenants on their property. After conducting a comprehensive review and analyses, we identified a significant amount of additional annual revenue (and back rent) due to the owner.