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Optus Mobile Site Lease - Negotiating a Lease

Steel in the Air, Inc or siteXcell® is not affiliated with Optus or Optus Mobile. If you are looking for Optus' website, please visit www.optus.com.au. Optus and Optus Mobile are registered trademarks of Singtel Optus.

If you or your business received an offer for an Optus mobile site lease for your rooftop or part of your residential or commercial property to host an Optus tower or Optus mobile phone antennas, it's to your distinct advantage to speak with us before you sign a contract or Heads of Agreement.

siteXcell is a consulting firm specialising in assisting people just like you - landowners and building owners - who've been approached with an offer to place a Optus tower or Optus mobile phone antennas on their property in exchange for annual lease revenue.

While many times, hosting a Optus mobile site can be a commercially attractive proposition; it's still a complicated and complex transaction. As with any contract situation, it's common sense to engage the services of an objective third party expert, such as siteXcell, to ensure your best interests and rights are properly and legally protected.

We also help to sort out the truth in commercial mobile rents with what you may be told is the "current environment", in regards to the value of Optus Mobile renting mobile tower or antenna space on your land or building.

Advocating in Your Interest…

We have nineteen years of Optus mobile site lease experience and we're ready to put that expertise to your advantage. We'll work closely with you and your team to thoroughly evaluate any Optus mobile tower proposal by conducting all the necessary assessments and valuations. For example, we start with reviewing Optus' site acquisition process.

We check local physical conditions, attempt to backwards engineer Optus' radio frequency goals for the mobile tower, and examine which other sites would be both suitable and attractive. Then, we provide an evaluation of whether we believe your property is the only property that meets Optus' mobile site need; the preferred property; or just one of many that are being considered for a mobile tower or rooftop antenna.

We determine the appropriate rent through an examination of our proprietary cell tower lease rate database. We look to see not only what other landowners or lessors in the area received for Optus and other wireless carrier leases, but what those landowners in similar situations as you received for their leases.

This due diligence significantly enhances and improves your negotiating position.

Agreements like Optus mobile site leases raise many non-legal issues that need to be considered by a landowner or business owner when evaluating an offer from Optus to lease a portion of his or her property. Our experts will discuss the unique aspects of a mobile tower lease to you as the landowner or lessor in a clear and concise manner.

As part of our comprehensive array of services, we can also review the other financial terms in the proposed lease agreement such as escalation, option payments, make good, revenue sharing (if appropriate), and attorney fees. We can also help you determine how best to negotiate a Optus mobile site lease - one that protects you and your property's interests while creating additional revenue on the property.

Protecting Your Legal Rights…

It's important to remember that all mobile phone carriers negotiate differently. We have found Optus to be, at times, somewhat time consuming when negotiating mobile tower leases. Their legal counsel can be difficult to deal with from an owner's perspective, so you need to know where to pick your battles in the agreement. If you need assistance with reviewing the lease strictly from a legal perspective, we can refer you to solicitors who deal with these types of transactions on a regular basis.

These firms provide legal services to landowners, both public and private, regarding all legal issues regarding mobile tower leases. Our goal is to provide you with access to sound legal advice on Optus mobile tower leases including lease negotiation, re-negotiation, lessor tenant disputes, litigation support, environmental due diligence, as well as general lease administration.

Contact us, or call us at 1300 748 395 (1300 SITEXL) to see how we can help with your Optus mobile site lease proposal.

We respectfully request that you not contact us to see if we can help you get a Optus mobile tower on your property, as we can't market your property to Optus and we can't give you contact information for their leasing departments.