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While SiteXcell does not provide marketing services for landowners to assist them in getting a tower on their property, we can be retained for tower site management to assist small tower owners with the management of their tower facility or facilities. Services that we offer to small or independent tower owners include:

  1. Review of New Lease Proposals
    Tower owners seem to regularly just assume that the fair market value for leases in their area is what they are getting from their current leases. They assume that what they negotiated in the past was appropriate. Alternatively, they review what other tower owners typically receive for their towers. This creates a problem in that it assumes that all colocation requests are equivalent and that all towers are equivalent. Location of the tower and the proximity of alternative towers to the wireless carrier can all have a significant impact on the value of the lease. The large tower companies may negotiate master lease agreements with a carrier which means that every colocation in a given area commands the same lease rate- private small tower owners do not. They can charge based upon the uniqueness of the individual location.
  2. Review of Lease Modification Requests
    We are regularly surprised by the willingness of small tower owners to allow modifications to their towers without asking for additional compensation. Some, but not all, tower colocation leases limit the ability of the wireless carrier to augment or change their antenna loading. We can assess what the carrier will pay before they choose to forgo the modifications.
  3. Requests to Renegotiate Colocation Lease Rates
    We can review your location and the proximity of other mobile sites for the requesting party to determine whether you have any risk should you choose not to renegotiate your lease.
  4. Requests to Purchase your Tower
    Since we have been directly involved in the transaction of over $500 million in towers in our recent industry experience, we are quite familiar with tower valuation. We can review offers to purchase your communication tower and suggest whether the offer is appropriate or not.

Please contact us for more information about tower site management and how we can help small tower owners maximise their revenue from the towers and minimise the hassle involved with negotiating leases and amendments.